Wood Sill Plate Anchor

The base is designed to be nailed to the forms prior to rebar installation. Threaded rod is added prior to the pour. The coupler on the top surface provides a connection point for the sill plate after the concrete is cured. Plate connection is made using a short piece of rod, square washer and nut. Available in HDG for pressure treated lumber.

Light Gauge Steel Applications

Perimeter curtain walls with non-load bearing in-fill steel stud construction must be anchored to the concrete slab above and below. Many engineers require a drilled or cast in anchor spaced at regular intervals to achieve this. As drilling a P.T. slab in inadvisable or prohibited, a cast in solution is preferable.

The P.T. Anchor can be configured to provide a bolted connection at the top, bottom or both surfaces of the slab.

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